Accentuate.Me LLC

Simple and Sweet

Out motto is to make things as clean and simple as possible, while still making incredible things. Our focus is on the people: the people in your business, the people who are visiting your website, the people you want to reach. Complications keep people from you and your message and we strive to remove them as much as possible.

You Are the Boss!

We recognize that what we do for you is for you. We will advise along the way with our views of the best ways to continue - while highlighting the pros and cons of each option. You get to make the decisions you need for your project. We will handle the details.


If you have worked with other companies before, you might have noticed that speaking with them is an exercise in frustration. While it is impossible to guarantee that there will be no misunderstandings, the effort we put into clear communication helps avoid nasty surprises down the road. We won’t jerk you around.


  • Website Design
    & Development
  • Custom Design & Programming
  • Template Creation
  • Wordpress
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Clean HTML / HTML5
  • CSS
  • Photography
    & Video
  • Color / Light correction
  • On-site
  • Products
  • Headshots
  • Backdrops
  • Events
  • Music
  • Editing
  • Printing
    & Miscellaneous
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • Mailers
  • Business Cards
  • Tradeshow Displays & Banners

Recent Work

United Natural Products Association


We refreshed their design for a more modern look, and custom programmed an event and member's interface.

Egyptian Theatre, Park City


Minor graphics work plus a custom programmed back-end to manage content.

The Team

Jeremy Nicoll

Jeremy Nicoll

Jeremy Nicoll is a smart, good looking man who excels at web development, photography, and musical composition. He's so tough that he flosses with 2x4's.

Joel Jenkins

Joel Jenkins

Joel Jenkins a a web designer and photographer who loves to dabble in stunt kites, Toyota LandCruisers, and playing Monopoly. His wit is so sharp he uses his tongue to carve diamonds.

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